The Municipality of Gnosjö

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The Municipality of Gnosjö has about 9.500 inhabitants, the half of which lives in the main town. Here there is a post office, banks, grocer´s stores, restaurants and all other necessary service - as well as specialized shops of different kinds.

Good communications

Gnosjö has good communications with Gothenburg as well as with Stockholm and Malmö. The Gothenburg airport is only 130 kilometres away. The airport of Copenhagen, Kastrup, is three hours away by train.

Lots of tourist attractions

Tourism is one of our fastest growing businesses. The western amusement park High Chaparral has 250.000 visitors every summer. The Store Mosse National Park , which is the largest bog area in the country south of Lapponia, attracts nature enthusiasts from all overEurope. The bog holds many interesting plants and birds - including the Golden Eagle. Naturum informs about the development of the bog and it is guarded by the nationally famous Granfjäll bear which was hunted down in the neighbourhood in the summer of 2000.

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