In four out of the six centres of the municipality there are primary and intermediate schools and in two centres there are secondary schools.

Education with high quality

We put much effort into a small scale nine-year compulsory school with a high number of teachers per teaching group and all this in order to create maximum security, comfort and motivation. We also care much about the outer and the inner environment. All schools have fresh and newly renovated facilities with a high technical standard.

Pupils in contact with the local industry

All the pupils in the nine-year compulsory school have at least one contact a year with the local industry in order to get an early understanding of Gnosjöandan, the Spirit of Gnosjö, that characterizes the industry and the everyday life of the entrepreneur. Many pupils develop their musical skills in the municipal music school.

Education at upper secondary school and university

GKC, Gnosjö Education Centre, is one of  the most modern education centres in the country and offers education at upper secondary school and university level and also vocational education, all of which under the same roof and with good possibilities of developing for both young and old.

Students at the Technical Programme, developed in co-operation with the trade and industry of the region, spend part of their education at different sponsoring enterprises and will later be well prepared for university studies as well as for working in the local industry. The Industrial Programme also works in close contact with the local trade and industry.

Adults can study at KomVux, the Adult Education Centre, and choose between a broad programme of university courses within the frame of HPH, University at Home.

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